Product characteristics:

CIMERWA 32.5 is an advanced formulation cement with broad applications ranging from domestic concrete to large building projects. CIMERWA 32.5 is proudly Rwandan and your quality, cost-effective cement intended for masonry and general use.


CIMERWA 32.5 is designed to meet the 32.5 strength class of RS EAS 18- 1: 2004 for common cements and, is identified as one of CEM II/B-M 32.5 Where “M” represents composite cement and “B” exceeds 21% extender.

Product benefits:

  • Product of choice for all types of home and DIY building applications.
  • Consistent, convenient & cost-effective
  • Improved workability and finishing


CIMERWA 32.5 is designed to be the user-friendly solution for a wide range of projects:

  • Masonry work – mortar and plaster
  • Concrete masonry – brick making
  • General concrete applications


  • CIMERWA 32.5 is available from the CIMERWA sales office and various retail outlets.