Handwashing – A simple process that helps combat the spread of COVID-19

Handwashing with soap is not only a basic hygiene habit, it is also very critical in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Unfortunately, ready access to clean water and handwashing stations is a luxury for some. According to a study conducted by UNICEF this year, only 3 out of 5 people worldwide have access basic handwashing facilities.

As the pandemic continues its spread, CIMERWA donated three new hand-washing stations to the District of Rusizi in a collaborative effort with the local authorities to encourage the practice of handwashing as a preventive measure against the pandemic.

The handwashing stations were installed in strategic high traffic zones across Kamembe including the new modern market, the old market and the bus park.

Rusizi Mayor – Kayumba Ephrem addressing the media at the official unveiling ceremony highlighted the importance of the donation for the Rusizi community.

“It is commendable to see that at the end of the day after making its profit as a business, CIMERWA invests in giving back to its own community. This is just one of many community-centric projects the district has embarked on with CIMERWA’s support, over the years we’ve built 18 houses for homeless people, invested in a tailoring workshop for women in the district and set up a fully-equipped health clinic to list a few. So CIMERWA has been part and parcel of the district’s development and we hope our collaboration will keep bearing its fruits for more years to come.”  Added the mayor.

This donation is part of a bigger project in which CIMERWA aims to donate 10 more handwashing stations across the district.

Albert Sigei – CIMERWA’s CEO unveiled this elaborate project thanking the District for their unfailing support while renewing CIMERWA’s pledge to keep strengthening communities.

“These three stations will be accompanied by another ten that will be spread out across the district to encourage the handwashing practice as we work towards ensuring the community’s safety against the COVID -19 pandemic. Projects such as these are illustrators of our wider brand purpose – Strengthening Rwanda. The pandemic brought a lot of things back into perspective and it reminded people to come together and lend a helping hand to those in need, as a company we’ve been privileged enough to take part in projects that bring the aforementioned to the forefront. To list a few examples, CIMERWA has put aside close to Rwf 70 Million to help the Muganza community with various essentials; food, masks, handwashing stations… In addition to this we’ve pledged Rwf 20 Million Rwf to both the MINEDUC classroom expansion project and the COVID relief fund. I speak for everyone at CIMERWA when I say that we are privileged to be able to give back to a community that has always been supportive to us as a business.” Explained Sigei.