CIMERWA indeed strengthens EDUCATION!


Educateur Primary School, a school owned by CIMERWA recently shared great news on the performance of the outgoing students who sat for last year’s 2017 Primary leaving Exams (PLE) with the parents. Out of 39 candidates, 37 got the first grade and only two got the second grade. It is so rare to get such performance, the parents were delighted by the news!

Speaking to Gakwavu Venuste, father of Munezero Muragwa Thierry who was the best student in school, he expressed a lot of happiness towards the success of the son.

“Twagerageje gukoresha ibishoboka byose kugirango umwana wacu atsinde harimo kumuha uburengazira bwo gukoresha internet kugirango ashobore kwihugura na nyuma y’ishuri aho abana batashye. Bikarushaho nuko njye n’umufasha wanjye turi abarimu rero yaratwiyambazaga mugihe ashatse ubufasha”says the father

To paraphrase the above, Mr. & Mrs. Venuste, who are teachers, spent a good portion of time supporting their son to achieve these results. This kind of commitment reflects the kind of impact Educateur has had with the Rusizi community.

While chatting with the top three students Munezero Muragwa Thierry, Mugisha Bernard and Ineza Uwase Nadia aged 12 and 13 respectively, the students made it clear that this is just the beginning for them. Their aspiration to become professional doctors is final goal in their journey of education.

CIMERWA is mostly known for being the only locally cement producer, however, it’s also committed to empowering the community and that is why strengthening the Education sector is key to the company. With the Educateur project, the results speak for themselves.

“This does really mean a lot to the community.” said the Educateur Headmaster

It was such a joyful day for both parents and children that even the neighboring schools felt like being part of this interesting journey with Educateur.

Parents in general thanked the management of CIMERWA for the continued support. They also thank the teachers for their hands on approach that includes engaging students in group discussions, and class quizzes.

Mr. Havugimana Valens, Headmaster of Educateur Primary school was indeed happy for having all his students pass very well, he congratulated all the students who sat for last year’s PLE exams and urged them to stay focused as they were during the six years stay at school because the journey does not end there, it still continues. He stated that they should set their goals higher in the entire course of their career. With their ambition, the best is yet to come!

“All the candidates who obtained the first and second distinction stand a chance to be called in various government schools and since all his 39 candidates that sat for the exams were in that range are privileged to join the best secondary schools depending on their choices “said the Head master.

CIMERWA was highly appreciated for the continued support in education in terms of construction of the school, making sure the student’s performance is not hindered by the environment, and hiring qualified teachers who offer quality education. Parents emphasized on the fact that they would do anything possible for the CIMERWA plant to achieve its objectives in that area.

CIMERWA indeed strengthens EDUCATION!