Celebrating women the CIMERWA way 🎉

Stop what you’re doing and let’s interest you with a piece to brighten up your day.

You must be aware that the month of March has been Women’s Appreciation Month. However, in case you didn’t know, this is a friendly reminder that indeed the month of March was set aside to celebrate women for all they do and how they do it.

So, a few weeks ago, it’s a no brainer for us to have made Women’s Day a thrill for women who work with us and those who sell CIMERWA products near and far.

As a surprise for women both staff and customers, CIMERWA organized overlapping events that sought to celebrate the ladies in a special way.

On International Women’s Day, CIMERWA women customers were treated to a brunch session as a pat on the back for being diligent vendors of cement.

It is during this event that the women were not only treated with a proper meal, a chance to network, air their issues, but also had a chance to be financially set by having a talk with one of CIMERWA banking partners.

The ladies present were from Kigali and Bugesera District based on logistics and practicality, according to Ms. Beninya Izabiliza from CIMERWA who coordinated the event wished to thank management for enabling her to make it a success with ease. She went on to encourage ladies to give selling cement a try saying, “We encourage women to invest in selling cement as a form of business since it is a moving and profitable business.”

As for Chantal Mukabaziga who echoed the thoughts of every client that sells CIMERWA cement in the room, “Working with CIMERWA is quite a great thing because they treat us with professional care, with prompt communication regarding the plant and all that we need to know.”

An invited guest Ms. Appolinarie Mukarusine was particularly grateful for the support CIMERWA gives them when it comes to seeking them to grow their businesses, “It’s no secret that CIMERWA has linked us with partnerships that help us advance our businesses and it is such a boost to us.”

In attendance were Mr John Bugunya, The Chief Finance Officer and Mr. John Jovith Maridadi Sales and Marketing Manager gave their remarks as they thanked the women for finding time to be present on that day.

To sum it all up, over brunch, the CIMERWA staff ladies got to have a special lunch delivery where their male counterparts served them lunch.

Here are some images that show the happy faces that crowned #IWD2019 a success:

Brunch is ready!

Well displayed meals for our women vendors who sell CIMERWA products in their stores

CIMERWA’s, Ms. Beninya Izabiliza coordinated with ladies and the CIMERWA administration to mark the day with such poise and grace.

Saving tips for the ladies in attendance from our friends at a banking institution were shared

They came bearing gifts


Some of the ladies paying attention to the day’s various speeches.

CIMERWA gave the ladies gifts that came in a care package for them to take home.

Ms. Chantal Mukabaziga, shared her sentiments on what it means to be working with CIMERWA as a vendor and the joy the surprise gave them.

The ladies agreed in unison with her, thus clapping in resounding agreement.


Ms. Appolinarie Mukarusine gives her remarks thanking CIMERWA for inspiring women to reach far in every chance they get.

Group picture to mark the celebrations a success! Happy people!

CIMERWA: Strengthening Gender Balance.