Women in Rwanda over the last 24 years have the highest percentage in the government with over 65% representation in the parliament. Women in the private sector have also taken up top posts with local and international corporations. Equality in Rwanda is at the forefront of society. As we celebrate the International Women’s Day today, let’s shed some light on what this equality means for CIMERWA as one of the leading private sector players.

The construction sector has been traditionally dominated by male professionals, efforts to secure equal rights through women emancipation have encouraged more women to break the status quo. CIMERWA as a major player has witnessed this change and today we get to celebrate three wonderful and hardworking ladies that have supported CIMERWA in its pursuit of strengthening Rwanda.

Meet Umutoni Beza Lilliane, Mukaneza Chantal and Uwineza Joyeuse who own and manage Redlich Suppliers Ltd, one of our leading distributors. Redlich Suppliers Ltd has one company vehicle that the ladies use to coordinate their work. In addition, they have trucks commissioned to them by CIMERWA for delivery purposes. For us as a company, it is exciting seeing this trio at work as they endeavor to get our product to the market.

“It wasn’t easy at the beginning,” Chantal said in regards to women joining the construction sector. “We saw it as an opportunity that we could also take advantage of. We have not regretted that decision since.”

Speaking to Lilliane, “Mbere yo gukorera CIMERWA, twari abagore bo murugo, tutegereje ibyo umugabo azana ku meza, ukaba warize ariko udafite ubushobozi kubera kubona akazi iki gihe ntago byoroshye, nge na bagenzi bange dushimira CIMERWA cyane kuba yaraduhaye icyo kizere kandi igakomeza kukorana natwe neza ititaye ko turi abagore, natwe rero sitwabatenguha”

“Abagore muri rusange dufite kuva mu myumvire yakera, icyo umugabo yakora nawe wagikora, twagendeye ku mvugo ya President “yateje abagore imbere mu kwitinyuka kumva ko byose bashoboye ”Lilliane said

To paraphrase the above Lilliane said a lot has changed in their lives, they never thought they would be able to say this today but women, in general, should not fear to come out and do what is considered “for men”.

For Lilliane, Chantal and Joyeuse, the past five years have taught them that it is possible to venture into the unknown and make it out unscathed. Redlich Suppliers Ltd is their way to new and exciting challenges.

CIMERWA currently employs over 20% direct female employees and is working towards staying committed to gender equality in the work place. To our customers and partners such as Redlich Suppliers Ltd, we will always walk this path of growth with you as we continue to strengthen our mother land Rwanda.