The CIMERWA Clinic was established at commissioning of the plant in 1984. It includes a pharmacy, a 13-bed hospital and a laboratory manned by trained staff. It has grown over time with the addition of new services like family planning, HIV care, and immunization.
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Twelve years ago, The CIMERWA School( Educateur Nursery/Primary School) had 64 students. Today in 2015, there are 453 students, across three classes, with fourteen teachers, one headmaster, and over the last three years, the school has been ranked second in performance in the Rusizi district for the national exam.
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CIMERWA Tailoring Project

CIMERWA recognized that as the need for tailored outfits for use around the factory emerged, the tailors in the community next to the plant would be a key source of technical skills. Local tailors organized themselves to work in conjunction with CIMERWA to provide the required tailory service.