CIMERWA 32.5N  is an advanced formulation cement with broad applications ranging from domestic concrete to medium sized building projects. CIMERWA 32.5N is your proudly Rwandan general purpose cement for quality cost-effective mortar, plaster and concrete uses.

Product benefits

1.Product of choice for all types of home and DIY building applications
2.Consistent, convenient & cost-effective
3.Improved workability and finishing


1.Masonry work (Mortar and Plaster)
2.Floor screed
3.Concrete masonry (Brick, Block and Paver)
4.Low strength concrete (10 MPa— 15 MPa)
5.Medium strength concrete (20 MPa— 25 MPa)
6.High strength concrete (30 MPa— 35 MPa)
7.All types of contractors and DIY home builders
8.Precast operations
9.Soil stabilisation