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Tailors in Bugarama find their spotlight

Five years ago, CIMERWA started supporting a local tailoring cooperative in a bid to impact the livelihood of women in the Bugarama community. This initiative is part of a series of community driven projects around the Bugarama CIMERWA plant area which range...
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Setting a strong foundation for Bugarama’s young

CIMERWA’s passion for community transformation has gone beyond economic empowerment to include providing quality education for the young generation within the community. “L’educateur” is a primary school in Bugarama built in 2006, the school started off relatively small with approximately 64 students...
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Celebrating women the CIMERWA way 🎉

Stop what you’re doing and let’s interest you with a piece to brighten up your day. You must be aware that the month of March has been Women’s Appreciation Month. However, in case you didn’t know, this is a friendly reminder that...
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